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Container Bungalow

Container Bungalow

Product name Container Bungalow Product description The prefab bungalow, an environment-friendly house with ready-to install components and parts, is easy and quick to install. It has reasonable price, elegant appearance, flexible design and wide choice. So, it is popular and frantic in world...

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Product Details

Product name

Container Bungalow

Product description

The prefab bungalow, an environment-friendly house with ready-to install components and parts, is easy and quick to install. It has reasonable price, elegant appearance, flexible design and wide choice. So, it is popular and frantic in world market. The container bungalow can be built to use it as labor camp, apartment, hotel, etc. The container bungalow below is a project in tamilnadu. 

Product advantages

1. The container bungalow is comfortable and safe. It can build your nice and sweet home.

This kind of houses are made of steel sandwich panel and steel section, which make your house strong and durable with excellent property of anti- heat, wind, vibration, humidity, water. They can even deal with M8 earthquake and hurricane easily. With additional support of solar photoelectric product, solar water heater and household appliances, you could make your container house to be a warm and cozy home.

2. It is movable, reusable, flexible so that you can live anywhere you like.

Moving around is easy without touching any of your furniture and a truck can do the entire job. Settling on the ground also means your home is ready for use. Shipping container homes is your perfect choice.

3. It can be regarded as fast installation and ready-to-use.

A container house can be installed in less than 1 hour. It is out-of-the-box and ready-to-use solution, you do not have to wait because there is barely a construction period. Modules and components are connected by joints. Anyone can install it easily with our product instruction. We also provide further and detailed technical and on-site installation support for any problem you may encounter. Folding container house is environmentally friendly.

4. Attractive appearance and individuation available.
Variety of painting color, sandwich panel, surface material, roof, door and window style are ready to meet your individuation and personal preference. Your home will look exactly like you dreamed of. Or you can paint and decorate it in any way you like it. Pre-made container house is very beautiful and popular.

Product specifications

Length: 5850mm

Width: 2438mm

Height: 2791mm

Steel frame: Material: Q345 steel: thickness 3-4mm 
                     Floor support: 3mm thickness steel tube 
                     Surface working: sand blasting, epoxy basic painting 55mm, 
                     Final vinyl acrylic painting 55mm thick 
                     Forklift opening: size 100*250, distance is 1200mm

Roof: Outside steel: 1.2mm steel sheet kneel: 2mm thickness steel purlin 
          Insulation: 80mm thickness fiber glass 
          Ceiling: 8mm thickness OSB board pvc ceiling

Floor: Floor bottom board: 0.4mm thickness steel sheet 
           Keel: 2mm thickness steel purlin 
           Insulation layer: 100mm thickness fiber glass 
           Plywood+1.5mm floor leather

Wall: Wall panel: 75mm thickness sandwich panel 
         (alternative insulation material: PU, EPS, rock wool)



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