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How steel product packaging?

1. The packaging should be done in the coating after drying, and the coating member should be protected from damage. Packaging shall comply with the relevant provisions of the transport.

2. The weight of each package is generally not more than 3 ~ 5t, packaging dimensions according cargo capacity may be. Such as by motor transport, the general length is less than equal to 12m, individual pieces should not exceed 18m, a width not exceeding 2.5m ,, height not exceeding 3.5m. Long. Wide. Do special processing ultrahigh.

3. Packaging and strapping should be aware of dense and compact to reduce lost during transportation. Deformation, but also can reduce transportation costs.

4. Steel machined surface, the shaft hole and thread, should be coated with grease and oil-paper paste, or wrapped with plastic sheeting, wood screw applications maple plugged.

5. Some non-boxed small pieces and parts can be bolted directly tying or tied in a predetermined position on the steel member body, but bundled fixed firmly, without affecting the transportation and installation.

6. Note that the outer packaging material extending webs, etc. As to the inside to try to prevent accidents caused by scraping hook, to make significant mark had exposed.

7. After the paint components when the package should be isolated to protect wood plastic stool padded.

8. The packaging should fill out the packing list, and verify the quantity.

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