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Quality steel works installation of control points

1, steel structure when entering the site, you need the appropriate product quality certificates, on its welded connections, fasteners and steel components making aliquots projects require acceptance.

2, to checking in advance about the stability of the lifting member, to a reasonable choice of lifting machinery, lifting to take economic and practical solutions.

3, steel must meet safety requirements and specification design. For its resulting in the lifting, transportation, stacking links deformation or coating loss and other phenomena, must be corrected with the adjustment process.

4, for the installation of a multi-layer or top frame member, after the lifting of each layer is completed, need to be corrected according to the middle of the inspection records, measurements and other data, if necessary, shall inform the manufacturer to adjust the length of the member. For the adjustment of the crane beam and the track should be carried out after the primary member is fixed.

5, the location of choice for the horn, should ensure the effective stiffness of the bottom of the column, the column or horn arrangement should not bear the additional base load.

6, after the formation of spatial rigidity of the unit, the need for timely to column base plate and the top surface of the base gap, the use of fine concrete or grout and other secondary irrigation operations.

7, steel works installed in each section of the column positioning axis to be a direct quote from the ground control line position is not available from a position on the axis of the lower column cited. For floor structure level, you need to follow the elevation or relative elevation is designed to be controlled.

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