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Renqiu Steel Works factory installation

1, this steel has a reasonable range of functional layout. Its use of high-strength steel features, can be taken in the design of large bay layout, floor plan can be reasonably separated, flexible and convenient, it is possible to create an open architecture structure.

2, the steel works has the advantage of light weight, its very good shock resistance. With this steel building in the same area of the floor, since the lighter weight, if it is six light steel housing, its weight is only the weight of the four-story brick structure housing. Also steel also has a certain ductility, it can be a good energy consumption caused by the earthquake, so it's a good seismic performance, robust and reliable package.

3, to facilitate the construction of this steel construction, can effectively shorten the construction period. Since the steel can carry out factory production, rapid field installation. Due to the small amount of work site, the surrounding environment pollution is also small. It is also a high degree of mechanization of construction, it is possible to speed up the construction speed. For the building of the same size, duration and duration of the concrete structure steel works, compared to about one-third can be shortened, and can save a lot of formwork materials.

4, the total cost of this steel is low, the economy is relatively strong. Since steel light weight, low cost basis, less engineering materials, can directly reduce costs, generate total cost is relatively low, it is apparent, it is an economical form of construction.

Laizhou Hongshengda Machinery Co.,Ltd
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