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Steel plant design should pay attention to the problem

18.9 light steel frame design common quality problems and prevention measures

18.9.1 beams, columns, mosaic rigid connection node by node calculation general, but often because of end closure plate than the book and lead to greater access to computing, it should be strictly controlled seal thickness, in order to ensure that the end plate has sufficient rigidity.

18.9.2 Some design oblique beams and columns according to actual engineering calculations - rigid steel columns put omitted, the inclined beams supported on reinforced concrete columns or brick column, resulting in construction accidents, pay attention to the structural design should be a clear expression node node structure must be consistent with the calculations.

18.9.3 Multi-span portal frame column by shaking column design, but the actual project yet pillar and the inclined beam welded shut so that the calculation does not match the actual configuration diagram, resulting in construction accidents.

18.9.4 Purline often ignored chaos under wind suction effect, resulting in strong wind suction effect easily unstable failure, the design should pay attention to checking cross-section purlins under wind suction action if meet requirements.

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