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Mobile House

A Mobile House is a portable building designed and built to be movable rather than permanently located. A common modern design is sometimes called a modular building, but portable buildings can be different in that they are more often used temporarily and taken away later.
It can be carried to or from site on a large lorry and slung on and off by a crane, which is suitable for land-carriage,also easy to fold up, lift on and lift off. Heat insulation, wet proof materials and other recycle materials, make comfortable temperature inside.
In addition to costing less, mobile houses may encourage a less cluttered and simpler lifestyle and reduce ecological impacts for their residents.
It adopts light steel structure system in accordance with the code for construction structural design. And the position of windows and doors can be arranged at any place, interior wall could be adjusted as need.
Being one of the most professional Mobile House suppliers in China for over 10 years. Welcome to buy bulk cheap Mobile House for sale here and check prices with our factory.
  • Prefab Tiny Houses Mobile
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    Prefab Tiny Houses Mobile

    The mobile prefab tiny house movement (also known as the "small house movement") is a description for the architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes. There is currently no set definition of what...
  • Portable House
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    Portable House

    Description of portable house A portable house (also named portable cabins,movable house,portable homes), is a portable building designed and built to be movable rather than permanently located. A common modern design is sometimes...
  • Mobile Portable Public Toilet for Homes
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    Mobile Portable Public Toilet for Homes

    Description of portable toilet A portable toilet (also called a mobile toilet) is a movable public toilet used in a variety of situations, for example in urban slums of developing countries, at festivals, for homes, camping, or on...
  • Tiny Trailer House
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    Tiny Trailer House

    Tiny Trailer House is a tiny house on wheels. It is versatile, functional and practical. It is the perfect option for camping.All trailer homes are a single portable room and come standard in neutral colours to easily fit with your...
  • Mobile Foldable House
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    Mobile Foldable House

    Mobile Foldable House can be folded efficiently and compactly. It is easy to reassemble and can be reused, so it is efficient and convenient.
  • Prefab Beach House Cabin Kits Set Homes
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    Prefab Beach House Cabin Kits Set Homes

    The size of the prefab beach house is 5m*6m with two bedrooms,one bathroom,one kitchen and living room.
  • Prefab Beach House
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    Prefab Beach House

    Product name Prefab Beach House Product description The use of shipping containers as a building material has grown in popularity over the past several years due to their inherent strength, wide availability, and relatively low expense....
  • Pre Fabricated Mobile Modular Office Fast House Building Frame Home
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    Pre Fabricated Mobile Modular Office Fast House Building Frame Home

    Description of mobile office Mobile offices are pre fabricated fast house buildings that provide temporary office space for your residential or commercial needs. What are mobile offices? Similar to modular buildings, mobile offices are...
  • Sentry Box
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    Sentry Box

    A sentry box is a small ready made portable street kiosk booth with an open front in which a sentry or person on curity guard duty may stand to be sheltered from the weather.
  • Granny House
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    Granny House

    A granny house is a small modern prefabricated house apartment accessory to a primary residence. Alternative names include "granny flat", "granny suite","in-law suite", and "accessory apartment", the first being used primarily in...
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