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Eight Advantages Of Steel Housing

1 seismic performance, 7 earthquake does not fall

High bearing strength steel housing, excellent seismic performance. The same load, the minimum cross-section steel, the same cross-section, the maximum carrying capacity of steel, weight 6-storey light steel housing is only the equivalent weight of the 4-layer brick structure, the role of small earthquakes suffered.

At medium height building with steel, for example, compared with steel reinforced concrete building structure to reduce weight by about a third earthquake can be reduced by 30% -40%, the load per unit area on the ground can be reduced by more than 25%. Furthermore, since steel has a certain toughness, steel beams, steel columns flexible framework to resist strong earthquake level.

2 short construction period, construction period shortened by half

Steel members in the factory processing, greatly reducing the workload of the construction site. Floor using precast reinforced truss floor boards, realize interchange operations, shorten the construction period about half the body.

Room rate was 3, 100 square feet more of a bedroom

Excellent mechanical properties of steel load-bearing walls of residential, thin wall can achieve load-bearing requirements, non-load-bearing walls prefabricated lightweight wall, use area increased by 5-8% than traditional homes.

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