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Frequently Asked Questions And Steel Construction Process

Steel is also damaged, we have to find an immediate solution for real problems, steel mesh steel main factors described damage are: 1) the change in load, extended service, standards and procedures changes result in inadequate bearing capacity of the structure; 2) member due to various accidents deformed, twisted, disability, dents, etc., resulting in the member section weakened rod warping, cracking and other connection; or a connection member caused deformation, cracking and warping under 3) Temperature Difference; 4) due to the chemical substances erosion and corrosion and electrochemical corrosion of steel resulting in the member section weaken; 5) others include design, production, construction errors and improper use of the service period and other operations.

Reinforcing steel technical measures there are three: 1) cross-section reinforcement method: partial or full length along with steel reinforcement member, are integrally connected together so that the force; 2) changing the calculation diagram: adding additional support, adjustment load distribution, reduce the level of the internal forces of statically indeterminate structure bearing for forced displacement, reduce peak stress; 3) prestressed cables: the use of high-strength structural weaknesses or cable reinforcement structure to improve the overall capacity, stiffness and stability of .

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