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Low cost prefab warehouse cost of warehouse construction

Low cost prefab warehouse  cost of warehouse construction


Introduction about Low cost prefab warehouse  cost of warehouse construction:

  Low cost prefab warehouse  cost of warehouse construction is the third generation construction. It adopts H type beam,C type purlin or Z type purlin to combine or build framework. Roof and wall are single panel or Eps/Glasswool  /rockwool/PU sandwich panel. Low cost prefab warehouse  cost of warehouse construction has basically substituted traditional reinforced concrete in developed country. It has many excellent characteristics like light weight,big span, fewer materials,low cost, short building cycle,beautiful appearance,etc.It is widely applied to workshop,storage,warehouse,shed,garage,business architecture,office block,multistorey parking space, and family house, etc.


1. Attractive design: the whole light weight cheap steel structure building looks beautiful and elegant.The inner/outer walls and the roof boarding all use the color steel panel, the filling material could be thermal core.

2. Light weight and convenient in shipping.

3. Easy to assemble and dismantle: the steel structure warehouse can be rebuilt for dozens of times. The assembling only requires simple tools: plugs and screw,and we can sent engineers to help you to install.

4. Firm structure: the steel structure warehouse adopts steel frame structure and sandwich panels.

5. Waterproof: Our warehouses are completely waterproof.

6. Customized. The roof, wall, door, windows can be chosen by the customer.

7. Durable: the steel frame parts are all processed with anti-corrosion coating and can be used for as long as 50 years from the design.

Coating: 1. Painting:Alcohol acid paint, epoxy zinc rich paint and chlorinated rubber paint. Various colors available. 2. Hot dip galvanize: The hot dip galvanizing thickness is about 60~120 microns and 275~500g/per square meters

Welcome to use our Low cost prefab warehouse  cost of warehouse construction!

 The following information we need to know before making the price of Low cost prefab warehouse  cost of warehouse construction:

1. when do you want to start the project?

2. where is the project? 3. what does it used for ? 4. what is the size(m)? length,width,height. 5. what is the wind load? 6. what is the snow load? 7. what is the earthquake level? 8. do you need heat-proof? 9. what is your requirment? 10. do you need crane ?if yes,what's the ton? you have any drawing at hand? 12.please provide your company website.

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