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On The Steel Plant Construction Safety And Countermeasures

Should (1) member transport member according to length, weight selection of vehicles.

(2) members to use wood mat flat on the truck, to set up extra-long member mark, lashing firm to ensure that the transport member is not deformed, no damage to the paint coating.

(3) loading and unloading operations, to prevent the collapse of member fall wounding, when loading and unloading cargo in accordance with the instructions of the command staff job.

(4) list of relevant proof of shipment member.

(5) When lifting, lifting tools should be solid and reliable, no welding firm and not connected securely fastening the various component parts are not allowed in lifting and lashing.

(6) loading of bulk goods, must be firmly tied, and balance before lifting.

2, plant foundation engineering safety measures

(1) production installation template control within the tolerances between single bolt spacing and height standards allowed.

(2) fixed the bolt group, protect the threaded bolts are not damaged when the concrete pouring.

3, measures to prevent the crane tipping

(1) Lifting site must be flat solid road, backfill, soft soil to be processed. Such as soft soil, you should separate paved roads.

(2) prohibit oblique hanging. Oblique hanging can cause overload, causing the rope to pull off and roll-over accidents.

(3) sling lashing member shall be calculated.

(4) binding method should be properly securely fastened to avoid Lifting slings slipping or breaking from the member, so that the crane weightlessness and tipping.

(5) All lifting tools, should conduct regular safety checks.

(6) strictly abide by crane operations "Ten is not hanging" requirement.

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