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Rise Steel Additions

Steel construction in developed countries is now available throughout, steel construction in Japan accounted for 71% of Guangzhou Steel, United Kingdom 70%, the United States more than 50%, while China accounted for only about 5%, a large number of domestic construction still using the traditional civil, structural concrete, collapsed in the earthquake prone, earthquake disaster is the biggest killer of life.

In this regard, vice president of Hang Xiao Steel Co., Ltd. Sui show, steel structure itself is very stable and with unity, the road "micro-shock" for the construction of the impact is relatively small, so the concrete construction of "Bolt Fracture" tragedy will not collapse in steel structure built on repeat. "Now, the state is now home to the earthquake as an important project, on the one hand to enhance the awareness of the National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, on the other hand has driven the related industry and market conduct, to promote more steel construction provides a good social environment. "single silver wood show.

Insiders suggest that the government's policy support and market mechanisms for effective integration, further play an exemplary role in the steel housing, for large-scale studio offers lower cost, stable model for the origin of change. Whether shed change, or earthquake housing projects, steel construction and large scale application is within sight for the company uphold the concept of green undertaken to open the market door. Guangzhou Steel

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