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Steel Cause Of The Damage And Maintenance Issues

(1) by the load change, extended service, standards and procedures changes lead to inadequate bearing capacity of the structure. Steel works and general engineering concrete structures have the same life, especially after the removal of repeated use, in strict accordance with the standards of repair and maintenance. And often observe geological formations and stress surface, etc., so safe to use.

(2) due to various accidents member deformed, twisted, disability, dents, etc., resulting in the member section weakened rod warping, cracking and other connections. Since the steel parts can be recycled reused, so many pieces of steel structure after repeated use via cause material size, force parameters change, and some have not been professional construction design, easy to produce engineering accidents and hazards.

(3) the role of the temperature difference caused by the connection member or deformation, cracking and warping under. Since the coefficient of thermal expansion of metal building materials, steel and other building high concrete post, so in the summer or very warm weather, pay close attention steel body structure changes. In order to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

(4) due to erosion and chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion of steel resulting in the member section weakened. Steel body even after corrosion protective coating, but use of the process will inevitably be corrosive substances erosion. In the usual maintenance, be sure to avoid piling up of corrosive substances

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