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Steel Welding Production Winter Construction Measures

(1), the installation of steel structures at negative temperature, pay attention to the deviation caused by temperature changes in the dimensions of the steel structure. Such as construction steel at room temperature is installed at negative temperatures, we should take measures to adjust the bias.

(2), start at negative temperature steel, open-hearth should be accepted or oxygen converter steel Q235, 16Mn, 15MnV, 16Mnq and 15MnVq steel. Steel should guarantee fight toughness. Q235 steel should have -20 & # 176; D, other should have -40 & # 176; D qualified guarantee.

(3), use of negative temperature steel welding with welding rod, wire, at a preset intensity to meet the requirements of the premise, should be used in low yield strength, toughness against low hydrogen electrodes, an important structure can receive high Ultra-low hydrogen type electrode toughness.

(4) basic electrodes before use is necessary for baking products manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the certificate. After baking qualified, stored at 80 to 100 & # 176; D within the oven, when used out on the insulation barrel, used with the check. Negative electrode temperature should be re-exposed more than 2h baking. Baking times the electrode should not exceed 3 times.

(5), flux required prior to use baking factory certificates in accordance with a moisture content of not greater than 0.1%. At negative temperature welding, flux reuse interval shall not exceed 2h, otherwise it is necessary to re-baked.

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