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  • Mobile Car Garage
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    Mobile Car Garage

    Mobile Car Garage are made of aliuminium and galavanized steel, doesn't need periodical repainting and mainteinance. It provides solid cover for your vehicle from the harsh weather conditions while at the same time, becoming a nicely...
  • Luxury Prefab Kit Homes
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    Luxury Prefab Kit Homes

    Luxury Prefab Kit Homes have excellent seismic performance of wind, low requirements for foundation, can perfect response to various environments. Thermal insulation, wallboard used energy-saving panels, heat preservation and energy...
  • Metal Structures Roofing Houses
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    Metal Structures Roofing Houses

    Metal Structures Roofing Houses are functional, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. These beautiful container homes & structures will hopefully inspire you to get creative with your future home. Cold bridge effective partition,...
  • Prefabricated Knockdown House
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    Prefabricated Knockdown House

    Prefabricated Knockdown House can be built either “off-site” and moved to its final destination by truck/ship or can equally be built “on-site” to provide maximum ease and functionality and lifted into place by crane once finished....
  • Prefabricated Labour Camp
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    Prefabricated Labour Camp

    Prefabricated Labour Camp are exceptionally strong, making them virtually hurricane and earthquake proof. Cold bridge effective partition, advanced technology can effectively cut off outdoor to indoor temperature conduction to ensure...
  • Container House In Tamilnadu
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    Container House In Tamilnadu

    Container House In Tamilnadu is designed according to specifications of shipping container exactly. It is made of prefab light steel as frame and sandwich panel for wall and roof, then facilitated with windows, doors, flooring, ceiling,...
  • Prefabricated Container Bathrooms
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    Prefabricated Container Bathrooms

    ​Prefabricated Container Bathrooms features metal polystyrene/polyurethane sandwich wall and roof panels, and PVC floor covering. Doors, windows, and ventilation system is available inside this container house. This container home is...
  • 40 Ft Container Office
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    40 Ft Container Office

    40 Ft Container Office features PVC vinyl, plywood, wooden floor, carpet, ceramic tiles flooring system etc. It is mainly applied as offices, dormitories, toilets, bathrooms, villas, houses, shelters, garages. It is out-of-the-box and...
  • Underground Container Houses
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    Underground Container Houses

    Underground Container Houses don't consume as much energy, since the ground provides their insulation and in many cases, solar power may heat the home. Some houses include solar collectors, and allow the sunlight to be captured, and...
  • Self Contained Container House
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    Self Contained Container House

    Relocation of Self Contained Container House is convenient, mobile integrated container house, can be wholly moved by forklift and crane, can be transported by overall, packaging transport and bulk transport such 3 different ways. Fire...
  • Sea Containerized Houses
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    Sea Containerized Houses

    Sea Containerized Houses have attractive appearance and individuation available. A container house can be installed in less than 1 hour. It is out-of-the-box and ready-to-use solution, you don’t have to wait because there is barely a...
  • 20ft Ready Made Container
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    20ft Ready Made Container

    20ft Ready Made Container are made of Steel sandwich panel and steel section, makes your house strong and durable with excellent property of anti- heat, wind, vibration, humidity, water; can even deal with M8 earthquake and hurricane...
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